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Principal Consultant & Other Resources

Principal Consultant

Dr. Molina graduated from Cornell University, earned an MPH and ScD at the Harvard School of Public Health, and studied Patient and Quality Improvement at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. She has taught at Tufts Medical School and Directed the Integrative Health Department, at Northern New Mexico College, School of Nursing & Health Sciences. In 2010 she began focusing on DNP students and looks forward to including you among the hundreds of candidates with whom she has consulted.         

Educational Counseling  

Some dissertation writers benefit from support to manage stress and address issues that can interfere with the writing process. Dr. Jessica Garrett Mills Ph.D., Principal consultant of "On Track Academic Coaching," is an Educational Psychologist who specializes in coaching dissertation writers who may be experiencing emotional challenges while attempting to complete their work. For more information visit 

  • Sessions take place through phone group or private format.
  • Group sessions meet for 60 minutes.  
  • Private counseling sessions can be arranged to meet personal requirements. 
  • Fees range from $40-$90 per session.

Proofreading & Formatting

After your DNP project manuscript has been completed, you may consider having the document formatted for form & style or proofread for spelling, typos, punctuation errors, and awkward grammar. Below is a short list of service providers that can be reached directly to discuss services and contract terms.    

American Journal Experts (AJE) provide formatting expertise. Staff will provide manuscript layout services including text formatting, headings, title pages, image placement, and citations/references to meet the guidelines of your target journal. AJE will also check the accuracy of references and will indicate if you need to revise the paper so your title, running head, abstract, main text, and figure legends comply with requirements. 

Joanne A. earned her MFA in writing from Iowa University and has been the principal of Compass Rose Horizons for over 20 years. The staff of Compass Rose Horizons is comprised of a small group of English majors and journalists who provide academic editing to be free from typos, grammatical errors, and structural problems. The editors will help fine-tune and shape manuscripts so that they are ready for committee review and other reading audiences.    

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