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Make Your Doctor of Nursing Practice Project Exemplary!

Unique Support for DNP Candidates 

Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) Capstone Projects have the express purpose of translating evidence into practice. The DNP Capstone is an opportunity to demonstrate mastery of advanced clinical skills while integrating a range of planning, research, written, and analysis skills. A Critical Appraisal (DNP-PCAT) of 65 randomly selected DNP Capstone Projects received 56 percent of the possible maximum score due to weak writing and invalid data analysis (Roush & Tesoro, 2018). Since 2010, we have helped hundreds of DNP candidates from over 70 different DNP programs get their project approved with laudable results.    


Source: K., & Tesoro, M. (2018). An examination of the rigor and value of final scholarly projects completed by DNP nursing students. Journal of professional nursing : official journal of the American Association of Colleges of Nursing, 34(6), 437–443.      


In simple terms, ghost writers write for someone else, while editors 'fix' someone else's writing.

Unlike many (illegal) services, we do NOT ghostwrite or violate academic integrity. 

We provide academic editing and data analysis services to help make YOUR project EXEMPLARY!

Receive Assistance With   

  • Academic Editing 
  • APA Formatting 
  • Data Analysis (ANOVA, Chi-Square, t-tests, etc.)  
  • Data Tables 
  • Google Forms, Survey Monkey, Qualtrics
  • Interpreting Findings
  • PICOT Questions 
  • PowerPoint 
  • Survey Design
  • T-test and hypothesis testing  
  • Validating Original Tools (e.g., Agree II)


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